Hello world!

Photo by Pam Wells ©2009

This year I made a New Year’s resolution to get to know my neighbors. I’m starting with The Pullets—Audrey, Carl and Evan, and I think there are a couple of older kids who don’t live at home anymore. Nice people, from what I can tell.

I think Audrey is a writer because every so often I see something of hers in the paper, and Carl must be in construction from the looks of his truck. I’m guessing Evan is 14 or 15 because he drives up and down the driveway when his folks aren’t home.

I’ll write about The Pullets Monday through Friday. From time to time I’ll do a little housekeeping, tighten a few screws, spiff up the place a little. Maybe I’ll even meet some new neighbors.

Welcome to The Pullets.



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