Single blue male

January 28, 2010

Carl, Audrey and Evan entered the downtown movieplex. “I hope you know you’re the last people in the galaxy to see Avatar,” Evan said.

Carl nodded toward the people behind them. “No, they are.”

As Evan trailed his parents, he noticed a girl in a wheelchair at the snack bar. The girl from the park… with the long hair…

“Evan,” Audrey said. She saw his look as he caught up with them. He was fifteen, after all.

After the movie, Evan walked out quickly. He scanned the outgoing crowd as Audrey tossed her 3D glasses into a handy recycling bin.

Carl hung onto his. “You never know,” he said, and put the glasses in his pocket.

Photo by Pam Wells ©2010

• • • • •

“My world has enough dimensions,” Audrey said to herself, cocooned in her attic studio. It was after ten and the house was quiet. Her favorite time to write.

She was still amused that someone would pay her to review a mega-hit movie that had been out for six weeks. Surely, anyone who wanted to see Avatar had seen it by now. Evan was right; they were the last.

“That’s the idea,” the editor of a local magazine had told her. “Make the no-gos into yes-gos.” No pressure there. “I need it by ten a.m. Thursday.” No pressure there. “Make it fresh.” Fresh? Fresh meant not talking about the technology that put the audience in the room with the characters. Fresh meant not talking about tall, blue, anorexic aliens. Fresh meant not talking about Pandora….

Pandora. Why was the planet called “Pandora”? In Greek mythology, Pandora had released the evils into the world from her—no, wait. This was not the fresh angle Audrey was looking for. Too many ways to go wrong.

She rippled her fingers on the keyboard. She wished she had read the script… the script…

Love Is Blue by Audrey Pullet

In the beginning, before the computer-generated imagery and body paint were applied, there was a screenplay called Avatar by James Cameron. A story on paper. What kind of story? War story, epic adventure, fish-out-of-water? All of that. But strip away the swords and the dragons, and what you’ve got is love.

Yes, Avatar is a love story. A man risks everything and finds the woman he never dared to imagine. Don’t try to figure out their chemistry; we’re talking extra-terrestrials here, not unlike your teenagers. It’s a classic formula: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy and girl get their act together (A), or not (B). I won’t tell you if Avatar is A or B. You’ll have to see it.

©2010 Pam Wells

You can read James Cameron’s Avatar at


One thought on “Single blue male

  1. Pam,
    I like your review of the movie. And your comment about Pandora and her….Too funny. Plus the title is so clever. You are on a roll, sweetheart!! Keep ’em comin’!

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