Movies & moguls

February 16, 2010

Frustration tightened Audrey’s forehead as she replied to an email. She smacked the mouse to send it.

Carl was downstairs watching the super-delayed Olympics broadcast of the men’s moguls. He had just sat down with a big bowl of popcorn when Audrey tromped in.

“We’re on the same coast as Vancouver,” he said. “Why can’t we watch this live?”

Photo by Pam Wells

“I know who won,” she said.

“I’m sure you do, dear. May I stuff your mouth with popcorn?”

Audrey slumped on the couch. “Not necessary.” She channeled her tension into watching the skiers.

“Look, he’s right on the edge,” Carl said. “How exciting is this?”

“Did you know there are are ten nominees for best picture this year?”

“In the Olympics?”

“The Oscars! The Academy Awards!” Audrey heaved a sigh. “Sorry. My editor didn’t know either. Now she won’t give me space for ten.”

“Ten what?”

“Movies! Reviews! No, not reviews, points of view. Perspectives. My reactions to what’s on the screen, and why any one of them could win. I don’t know what to do. I can’t just do five movies.”

“You already did Avatar.”

“That was for Northwest Arts & Travel. This is for Travel & Arts Northwest.”

”Look at this trick!” Carl had quit listening at ‘perspectives.’ “Oh, he sticks it!”

“How does he keep his upper body so quiet and do that with his legs?” Audrey asked, watching the American skier zip down the moguls.

“I can do that,” Carl said. He lifted his knees and bobbled them in the air. Audrey bobbled her knees back at him as the moguls segment went to commercial.

“I can even do this—” Carl went on, calmly picking up the remote. He hit the fast forward button, letting it run past commercials into pairs figure skating. The pairs short program was in tape-delayed, DVR progress.

“Hey!” Audrey said, and relieved him of the remote. He went in search of a brewski.

Audrey nibbled popcorn as the skating competition went on, all the while running her ten-pictures-in-five-frames problem in the back of her mind. Throws, lifts, synchronous spins… this could happen only in duet.

Carl brought her a cold amber ale. He thought it would go nicely with the popcorn, except the popcorn was all gone. He left her to enjoy the rest of the super-delayed, fast-forwarded coverage. She went to bed with a couple of new ideas.

©2010 Pam Wells


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