The Precious Blind Side

March 5, 2010

Precious (Lionsgate)

The Precious Blind Side

by Audrey Pullet

It’s late, and all I really want to do is to get some sleep, but I have two more Best Picture nominees to consider: The Blind Side and Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.

I thought it would be easy to write about these two films. Both reassert the positive energy I’ve found so lacking in some of the others. Both attest to the power of love and acceptance to change young lives. Both tell stories about our fundamental need to be protected.

The Blind Side (Warner Bros. Pictures)

In The Blind Side, a well-to-do woman does everything she can to support a struggling young man. In Precious, a dedicated teacher does all she can to  keep a young woman from drowning in poverty and abuse.

Nobody does this! But they do it anyway. They’re too perfect, too rich, too good, too damaged, too abhorrent, too strong. So unlike me. Well, as Michael says in The Blind Side, “Courage is a hard thing to figure.”

Will The Blind Side win? Only if Hollywood believes in true stories.

Will Precious win? Maybe, because in Hollywood, anything can happen.

• • • • •

Audrey tied a string across the top of her shaggy boxwood hedge. She began to cut along it to make a nice, level top.

“How am I doing, Felder?”

“Pretty darned good,” Felder said. He brought his coffee from next door. “Boxwoods always look best with a neat haircut. Say, Audrey…”

“Hmm? What?”

“You were going to tell me about your son Joe the other day. ‘Til the thorns gotcha.”

“Oh, right. Well, funny thing, I just saw him last week. He showed up at the beach house while I was there. It was weird.”

“Got his mother’s sense of the dramatic, does he?”


“Maybe her hairy arms?”


“How ‘bout her old Volkswagen bus?”

“What—” was all she said, seeing Joe pull into her parking spot. She lopped off a clump of boxwood, right through the string.

©2010 Pam Wells


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