Some dance

April 6, 2010

Carl nudged Evan to move his legs off the couch, making room for Audrey to sit down.

“How’s it going?” she asked. She blinked at the TV which showed the second half of the NCAA men’s basketball final.

“Helluva game,” Carl said. “Still plenty of time on the clock, too.”

Audrey knew he meant the game clock, but she was more interested in real time. It was five after eight.

"Dancing With the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba might have something to say about posture on the court.

“I’m definitely into the competition,” she said, “but not this one.”

“Oh, jeez, I forgot,” Carl said. “It’s opening day!” and he flipped the channel to Mariners baseball.

“Not that competition,” Audrey said, but it was too late; Carl fired the remote to bring up picture-in-picture for the two games.

“Sweet,” Evan said.



“It’s Monday night.”

“And so it is. I am so glad to be alive.”

Audrey put her hand on Carl’s arm. “Me, too, honey,” and quickly stole the remote.


“Now hang on, isn’t this game almost over?”

“Anything could happen, Audrey! Duke is a basketball freight train, but Butler is The Little Engine That Could.”

“It’s the Big Dance, mom,” Evan said.

Audrey flipped the channel to Dancing With the Stars. “No, this is the Big Dance. Pick a sport, one sport.” She fended off Carl’s attempt to take back the remote.

“We can record your dance show,” he said.

“We can record your games!”

They compromised. Carl set the NCAA championship game to full screen and inset DWTS. Audrey tried to focus solely on the dance show, but she began to listen to the basketball play-by-play…

You can’t teach that, folks. That’s talent. “Equally true of dancing,” Audrey said.

They perform with poise, they perform with freedom, they perform with focus.

They’re dancing to some sweet music.

Sweet music indeed! When Carl went into the kitchen, Audrey switched the sound over to hear how the dance judges would sound with a team sport…

Tonight’s dance styles speak of tempestuous relationships.

You’re euphoric, you’re dancing on air, but you broke the rules.

It was the most boring thing I’ve ever seen.

“Mo-oom,” Evan said.

Audrey muted the sound and paused the basketball game until Carl sat down to watch the last seconds of the college basketball season. Duke’s Blue Devils beat the Bulldogs 61-59.

“Some dance,” she said.

“And some don’t,” he said.

©2010 Pam Wells


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